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The Elemental Realms - Sigils

These are the sigils for The Elemental Realms: a conceptual set of environments based around classic fantasy elemental powers. From top left to bottom right: Life - Fire - Water - Earth - Air - Darkness - Light - Energy.

The design intention is to be used as world/lore-building imagery. Expected to be found in locations or with characters related to the fabled Elemental Realms. Three design rules were central to each symbol's design:
1 - Symmetrical balancing to solidify the shapes' structure and maintain readability at many angles and distances.
2 - Traditional symbolism of alchemical elements is incorporated as it's common reference in media. Audiences will be familiar with the meaning without the use of words: droplets for Water, flames for Fire, leaves for Life etc.
3 - Scientific imagery is acknowledged. Pushing into the sci-fi genre, each element references a scientific phenomenon common to it: DNA for Life, stratigraphy for Earth, optics for Light etc.

Full Set  - Dark Background

Full Set - Dark Background

Full Set - Light Background

Full Set - Light Background