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Shapeway - Banner

An Australian Indie game development studio, Paperbox Studios, exhibited their latest game, Shapeway, at PAX Australia. I was contracted to design a vertical banner representing their booth on the show floor.

Original artwork was created for the banner, with the exception of required logotypes and fonts supplied by the client or regulatory bodies. The games general aesthetic followed a simple retro-platformer vibe and so my design took inspiration from the classic illustrated video game boxes seen on store shelves in the 80s and 90s.

All games exhibited in the Indie Pavilion shared a common booth design and the banner had fit strict specifications. Each booth used two vertical (970mm x 1930mm) poster panels. With this in mind, the elements are spaced to either side. Close attention is paid to positioning and sizing the logotype to be readable at a distance.

Shapeway PAX Banner

Shapeway PAX Banner