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Fade to Black - Education Pack

A conceptual printed information package that could be distributed at a museum, that would educate the reader on some particular topic in an innovative way. This package is based around Melbourne Planetarium's special programme about Black Holes. Contained within the packed envelope is a booklet, a rotating black hole model, and a poster. They describe the anatomy of typical black holes and the effects someone would experience if they fell into one.

To create an engaging experience with the reader, the immense gravitational force that black holes are known for is simulated with small neodymium magnets hidden within the printed materials. Each page of the booklet represents and reveals the inner layers of a black hole. The last page shows the progress of a doomed spacecraft falling in; using the 'gravity' magnets, the reader can guide the spacecraft from accretion disc to singularity.

Some supporting imagery is sourced from relevant educational institutions.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone fadetoblack bookletfront 2015

FTB Booklet - Front Facing Pages.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone fadetoblack bookletback 2015

FTB Booklet - Back Facing Pages.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone fadetoblack model 2015

FTB Black Hole Model - Outside and Inner Surfaces.