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Global Game Jams 2013 - 2018~

Participating in the annual Global Game Jam is a fun way to bring my creative output to games each year even during times when my regular clients are not Game Developers.
My credits for these silly little games are:

2018 - Flocking Up Together. ( Vector - UI Backgrounds)
2017 - Pistol Whip Shrimp. (Vector - Creature/Environment/UI)
2016 - Twiglands. (Pixel Art - Creature/Sprite)
2015 - Office Bash '15. (Pixel Art - Creature/Environment/UI)
2014 - Perception. (3D Modelling - Character/Environment/Props)
2013 - Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000. (3D Modelling - Creature/Props)

Duncan rabone switches panel

Flocking Up Together. Switches Screen.

Duncan rabone tv main bg

Flocking Up Together. Main TV Screen.

Duncan rabone shrimp 01

Pistol Whip Shrimp. Shrimp Player Character.

Duncan rabone fish 01

Pistol Whip Shrimp. Fish Enemy.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone ggj16 1

Twiglands. Rabbit, Fox, and Eagle Enemies.

Duncan rabone twiglandscover

Twiglands. Echidna Enemy.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone ggj15 1

Office Bash '15. IT Boss.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone ggj15 2

Office Bash '15. Slime Boss.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone ggj14 1

Perception. Starting Room.

Duncan rabone duncanrabone ggj14 2

Perception. Ghost Player Character.

Duncan rabone ff3000cover

Firefly Herder Exxxtreeeeeem 3000. Bonus Stage.